Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just Finished HP7

Don't read the cut if you don't want spoilers!!! And no, I did not read all night. I slept for 5 hours. I did!

Wow . . . Wow. I don't think that the series could have ended any better. It was great. The big war at Hogwarts was perfect. Neville getting Gryffindor's sword and killing Nagini was awesome (he really blossomed in this book. Ron really did too--stepped up and gained confidence in himself). I have to say I was really worried when Harry "died", but wasn't it great how he pretended to be dead for awhile and then came back? Awesome. And how it all worked out for Harry to be the true owner of the wand. And the redemption of Snape. And of course it was so great to see him in the future.

I was a little surprised. I saw a Daniel Radcliffe say in an interview that JK Rowling would never let Harry have a happy ending because he would be too affected by everything he'd gone through, but she did just that, didn't she? I kind of agreed with Daniel when I heard that, and really was expecting Harry to be a tortured soul, but I guess he redeemed himself of it all by defeating Voldemort. Yes, people died, but it was not in vain. He was able to protect them all by be willing to die, and then defeat him and his followers. Maybe that, and no longer having a piece of Voldemort's soul, helped him to heal.

It really was such a fantastic ending. There were just some wonderful parts to it. I have to say though, now seeing it from the parents' perspective, it was a pretty sad scene when Harry and Ginny saw their children off, knowing they would not see them much over the school year. It was good for Harry to have a place to go, but it must be sad for the parents to be away from their kids so much.

The character development overall, in this book and in the series, was just fantastic though. I wish Snape hadn't been so mean to Harry all that time, but it was cool how it all played out. I think this series will seriously be a classic like Lord of the Rings and the like.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Clean House, Cute Kid

Aaron's been doing a good job at keeping the house clean. Yay!

Yesterday at Primary, when I showed up one of the girls in my class handed me the picture below that she drew. It is so cute I had to share. I asked her if it was for me and she said yes. I pointed to the girl and asked, "Is that me?" and she said yes. So cute that she would draw me a picture. Maybe that's why she thought she could get away with running around during class *palm forehead*. Oh well. She's still cute and do you really blame kids for being antsy after 2.5 hours of church.