Thursday, July 21, 2005

Things Are Good

I don't really have anything important to write about, but I figure I should say something every once in awhile, if anything just so you know nothing is really going on.

Things are going well for us right now. We're trying to pay off the one student loan I got while in school. It's taken longer than I hoped, but we now only have $125 left. Yeah. Today I had lunch with a good friend of mine, Maryruth. We met while I worked at the Linguistics Department and we enjoyed each other so much that we have continued meeting monthly to have lunch and catch up. She is such a wonderful friend and I'm so glad she enjoys spending time with me.

Aaron and I are doing well, as well. We are enjoying the time we have to spend while he is out of school. We hang out together every night and go to the dollar theater on the weekends (I love cheap entertainment!). His family is coming to visit in August. With the exception of his step-mother, Tina, we have not seen them since our wedding over three years ago! Aaron's sister Ashley will be graduating next June and is planning on attending BYU upon graduation. We're excited about this and being able to show her campus when they come next month. We're also excited to show them around Provo and Utah. Yeah!

Thursday, July 7, 2005

He made the Dean's List

Well, it's official, Aaron made the Dean's List!! We got a certificate from his school in the mail today announcing that he made it on the list. The hard work has paid off!! I never even made on the Dean's list when I was in school. Congratulations to Aaron!

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July! (Okay, I'm a little late, but hey, I was actually busy on the 4th.) As I predicted, Aaron and I spent most of the 4th hanging out in our apartment playing video games. I was quite bored of this, even though Aaron couldn't seem to get enough. I was able to convince him to go over to the Freedom Festival in downtown Provo in the afternoon. It was fun, but lack of funds kept us from doing much. After looking around at the booths, we went over to the kid's center and I made an origami flower. I don't think I did too bad, if I do say so myself. Aaron quietly endured. Apparently he did not want to participate, but he knew I did and was very good about letting me do my thing.

That night we went out to a local parking lot and lit the one firework we had. Our hometeachers gave it to us with a scripture from Job. I'm not sure how it related, but since we have no money to buy our own, we were grateful for the gift. It was actually our first firework of our marriage (if you can believe it). We saw others lighting off their fireworks while we were out there. Well, that was the end of our wonderful Independence day. God Bless America!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2005


So this is my blog. Thanks for visiting! I don't really have any new news to report. My sister, Krissa, had another baby on June 19. He was a whopping 10 lb 15 oz. She deserves much praise for birthing such a healthy baby boy! Of course, he is darling. It's pretty much impossible not to be and be related to me. *all viewers nod their heads*

I am still working for Altiris through my temp agency. I hope to be hired on soon, as I was promised I would be. I've been quite involved in a lot of projects and along with being an editor, I also seem to be a trouble shooter (this is not on purpose, but since I am using the new version of one of our programs more than most, and I know how it is suppose to work, I have caught a lot of the errors with it). I hope this will help my company realize how valuable I am so that I will be hired sooner.

As many of you know, I was made Primary chorister a few weeks back. This was my third time leading Singing Time, and I have to say, I never realized how hard it was. To make things worse, I haven't been in Primary since I was 12 and I, of course, do not remember anything about what they did for Singing Time (other than I remember I enjoyed it). I have been helped in creating ideas and have been told that I have done well, so hopefully with time I will grow into the calling. It is a great opportunity to share my musical skills.

At the moment Aaron and I don't have any plans for the 4th. We are going to play it by ear (in case you didn't know, this means waking up late, playing video games, and if we're really feeling ambitious, doing some housework. I know that you're very jealous of the wonderful plans we have made). I hope you all have a wonderful 4th and remember what we are really celebrating. God bless America!