Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh, Happy Day

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Day at Lagoon!

So on Saturday, my company had a summer party at Lagoon amusement park. It's my first time going, mostly because it's an hour away and it costs something like $36 to get in. But with my company paying and providing a free lunch, I figured I'd take advantage and see if the park is worth going to on another occasion. I came up with this conclusion: it would be pretty fun if you went on an off day, like a Monday or Wednesday or something. I could be wrong and it'd still pretty crowded on those days, but I bet it's only half as full. I also realized a Utah phenomenon: if you're not LDS, you can take great advantage by going on Sunday. I met someone in one of the lines that said the last time she came was on Sunday and there were hardly any lines. You wouldn't find that anywhere else. Elsewhere Sunday would be just as crowded, although I wonder with having two days rather than one if it would be more spread out, so not as crowded on Saturday. 

Anyway, Aaron and I got there around 11:30 a.m. We tried to find a ride to go on before lunch and decided to ride the Bat. Let me tell you, it was not worth standing in line for a half hour for this. It was quite lame. After lunch we went to the Pioneer Village and walked around. It was pretty cool—basically a museum of pioneer with real pioneer structures and such. They had toys, carriages, furniture, guns, coins, and so on from the pioneers who settled Utah originally.

We were hoping the lines would go down, too. But even around 5 p.m., it didn't seem to be any shorter. We went on a couple of the smaller rides, including the swings, which I liked as a kid and mom was always worried I'd fall out of every time I rode it. This ride was nice because with almost 50 people being able to go on it at once, you never had to wait long in line. By then we were really hot and tired and disappointed because we hadn't gone on any real rides, especially a good rollercoaster because of the long lines.

We were almost going to go home, but then decided we'd deal with the long line to go on the new rollercoaster, Wicked. Boy are we glad we did. Although the line was really long, it went really fast--only about 40 minutes. And boy was it worth it! This ride is awesome. You start out inside a tunnel; you go around a corner and it shoots you forward at 55 miles an hour. Then you go straight up perpendicular to the ground and then up and over and straight down. I couldn't even open my eyes at this point—I was too scared. Then you're twisting and turning doing some more ups and downs extremely fast. And then it's over. It was a true rollercoaster and thoroughly enjoyable. One thing I liked was that it wasn't jerky like other ones I've been on. Some when you go around a corner, you jerk from side to side and it's uncomfortable; but this one is very smooth. The designers did a great job.

After that we headed home, only stopping along the hour-long ride to get dinner. We stopped at Wal-mart near our house to get a couple things and we could barely walk. I was completely exhausted by the time I fell into bed and slept for like 10 hours—still feeling like I needed more. Of course, I also woke up Sunday sick, so that could've been partly why I slept so much. I had to get someone to sub for me in Primary—I didn't want to get my kids sick, too. I think my husband was grateful for that because he was so sore, he could barely walk. I expected to be sore too, but so far I haven't been. Guess I'm in better shape than I thought! Today I'm feeling much better; luckily it was just a small cold: sneezing and running nose (though I did go through like 50 kleenexes yesterday). 

So overall it was fun and worth going. But definitely if I ever go again, it will be during the week (and maybe in September. My kids would have to miss one day of school, but it'd be worth it to go when it's less crowded). I also found out they have a little waterslide park within Lagoon, which I didn't realize, so next time I'll bring a swim suit and towel so we can do that as well as the rides.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Life in General Is Good

Whenever I speak to family on the phone, they always want to know what is going on in my life. My sister has three kids with one on the way, so she always has things happening (whether stories about her kids, how her pregnancy is going, news about her husband, etc.). My other sister is in the middle of selling her home in Florida and moving to California, so there is a lot to tell about what's going on there. My brother lives in Beijing, so right there he has stuff to talk about (the Chinese culture, plus he's starting a jewelry business). 

I, on the other hand, usually can't think of much to tell. I have my primary class so I sometimes have cute stories to tell about them, but pretty much other than that, I'm just working. My husband been out of school for the summer working on some projects, so there is not much to tell there either. Basically, I'm saying my life is boring. But don't get me wrong; in a lot of ways, I'm glad my life is boring. I'd rather have that than tragedy or whatnot. Still, it's why I haven't blogged much—there's not much to tell.

When I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I asked Aaron if he wanted to know what happened. He said not to tell him and I was like, "You're bound to hear what happens before the movie comes out since it will be at least two years" (if not longer). He hasn't read any book besides book 1, which we read together. I hoped that would get him interested. He's liked the movies fine, but he doesn't much read for fun because it takes so much effort for him. But he was like, "Well, then I'll read books 6 and 7." I was somewhat surprised. Then I was like, "Well if you want to read together, I wouldn't mind reading with you. Then I can explain when you get to parts that weren't in the movie." Having only seen the movies, which have to leave a lot out, I figured he could use it.

So every night for the last few nights, we've been reading the sixth book together. I just read it a few weeks ago, so I admit it's not totally fun for me, but I love it when he learns something new or when we get to a funny part that makes him laugh (and me too). I have also found I get a lot more from the books than I have before because, since we're reading out loud, I can't gloss over paragraphs or sentences like I do when I read. Like last night, I caught something cool that I hadn't before. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are in Potions class and Slughorn has a cauldron of Love Potion. Hermione explains that the smell is different to everyone depending on what attracts them. One of the things Harry smelled was a flowery smell that he thought he smelled at the Burrow. Then later when Ginny comes by at a meal to talk to the three of them, Harry smelled that same flowery smell. Ha! He totally likes Ginny (but wouldn't even admit it to himself at this point). I hadn't caught that on my previous readings.

Anyway, it's been really fun and a great activity we can do together, esp. since it's been so hot outside making it hard to do anything together outside. It's better than watching TV or a movie, too, because it's more interactive. 

We also had a nice afternoon together yesterday. They've been doing road construction outside our apartment for awhile now, off and on (for like three weeks), and after Aaron having to hear it all day, he was ready to get away when I got home from work, since they wouldn't be done for at least another hour. So we went to Baskin Robbins, where we had gift certificates that his mom had given us. We each got some ice cream, enjoyed the cool shop, then went over to the Orem Library just a couple blocks away from Baskin Robbins to get some books. I was able to get a whole pile of books that I've heard are good. 

It was just a nice relaxing afternoon spent together.

So maybe all that was boring, but that is what's going on in my life. A week from Saturday my work is having a summer party at the only real amusement park in Utah (that I know of), Lagoon. I'm looking forward to that. I can't remember when I was on a roller coaster last (and we don't have to pay the $36/person just to get in, which is the price for anyone 4 years old and up). So that's something exciting to look forward to. Yay.