Sunday, June 19, 2005

Called to Be a Primary Chorister

So I was called last week to be the Primary Chorister for my ward. I have to say that when the councilor in the bishop called on Saturday night and wanted to come over (we got the message around 9 p.m., but he still wanted to come over even though it was late) I thought that somehow we'd gotten ourselves in trouble. I couldn't really see how, but it sure seemed that somehow we must've, cause why the urgency? Well, it was just to ask me if I'd be the next Primary Chorister. I guess they'd been without for over a month after the last chorister moved away and so they wanted to get someone in as soon as possible.

I was surprised and elated that they would want me to do it (and more importantly that God would want me to do it). I love music, and I love children. I was really nervous though. In fact, today I actually did it for the first time. Last week I watched as another sister in the ward did it, so I could see what she did. It was very nerve wracking and overwhelming. But even so, I know it will get easier and that God will help me get better at it. It's a much bigger calling than I knew. I mean, you have to plan twenty minutes of singing every Sunday (practically) and all you have to go on is that the children need to learn a song each month for the program in the fall. Oh, well. Pray for me!

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