Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Won a Prize!

So my work had a health fair yesterday. My work provides 100 percent of the health insurance for employees (meaning none of the cost comes out of the paycheck) and so they're always doing things to try to lower the cost of health insurance. They want to keep it free, but if it gets too expensive, they will not be able to pay for all of it anymore. So anyway, they do things like they had a campaign this last summer that if you ate enough "colorful" foods in a two-month period, you would be entered to win two roundtrip airline tickets. Of course colorful foods include fruits and veges (they said m&ms don't count, even though they are colorful).

Anyway, so they had a health fair where you could get your cholesterol and your blood-sugar tested to make sure you were within the right bounds and you could do a fitness test. You could have chiropractor do a scan to see if your spine was out of wack. And finally they had a raffle with some prizes. Now I am not one to win (and it's probably cause most of the time the odds of winning are so small), but I actually won something from the raffle. Since the fair went all day, the raffle was done by HR later and they just emailed the winners. So I won a Dirt Devil cordless hand vac. Cool huh! It made me smile :). I'm excited to start using it. I have to wait 24 hours while it charges up before I can use it, though. Ooooo, anticipation.

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