Saturday, October 29, 2005

Good Place to Work

So on Thursday, one of the managers in my department, whom I had been helping out by attending the meetings his team has and then creating notes from that meeting, sent me an email stating that my manager had told him I would be too busy to help him out anymore and so I would need to stop (this was news to me since I didn't feel like I had much to do lately, but maybe my manager is anticipating something that I am not). Anyway, as a thank you, this other manager gave me $30 worth of gift certificates to a restaurant, and $11 worth of movie ticket gift certificates. Isn't that nice? Just to say thank you (and I hadn't minded at all because most of the time, I did not have enough work to do and I figured it was just part of my job).

To kind of go along with that, my company is taking us all to see the new Harry Potter movie the day after it comes out. They also had a meeting to discuss how the benefits will be changing for next year and although I don't qualify for benefits, since I'm just a temp, I went to the meeting to get the information. They have such a good benefits plan! It's $10 to see a doctor, $0 for a dentist visit, and they cover 90 percent of the rest that is in-network (I've never seen above 80) as well as 75 percent of out of network stuff. Isn't that awesome? And since it's nationwide (they go through Blue Cross Blue Shield), it's doesn't matter if you're on vacation or if your kids are away at school. All this and before this coming January, they didn't make their employees pay anything! Now they have to pay, but it's only about $72 a month, which is still unbelievably low. I can't wait till I become permanent and can take advantage of this! This really is a good company to work for.

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