Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday

Many people avoid Black Friday like the Black Plague. They see figting the crowds, the early hours, and the cold as something to avoid, but I'm the opposite. I get a thrill at fight those crowds and trying to get good deals on things I would buy eventually anyway. Granted, I'm annoyed with the early hours and the cold, but when you get in that store and are racing around to get all the things on your list, I get excited. I was disappointed by some of the sales this year. Usually Office Max has some great deals that are free after rebate, but this year I didn't see anything that interested me. Rather I went to Staples, where I was able to get a flash drive with 512 MB of storage for $10, a paper shredder free (after rebate), and a Palm Tungsten E (for my hubby) for $150 with a free mp3 player. I was very happy.

After we went to Staples, we went over to JCPenny, where we spent the big bucks. They had 50 percent off all of their house hold stuff. We got towels, sheets, pillows, and a quilt. Then we got some jeans for Aaron (ones he really loves) again 50 percent off. We may have spent quite a bit, but we love what we got. The sheets are divine (at least compared to what we had before) and the pillows (which have a down-alternative) are really comfortable and help me to sleep through the night. Yea for comfort.

It was a great shopping experience over all.

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