Friday, February 17, 2006

I Met Dave Wolverton (AKA Dave Farland)

This week at BYU, there was a sci-fi and fantasy symposium called, "Life, the Universe, and Everything." Basically, a whole bunch of sci-fi and fantasy authors, editors, and fans come together and talk about subject dealing with sci-fi and fantasy including getting published, writing better, and how much we like Harry Potter (as well as other books, TV shows, and movies of the genres). One of the authors who attended was Dave Wolverton (also known as Dave Farland. One name is used for sci-fi books and the other is used for fantasy books). While he was here, I went to his book signing to have my copy of Leading Edge signed, since we published a story by him in the last issue. I also was hoping he'd sign some extra copies of that issue, and the 20th anniversary issue (which also had a story by him) that we could use for promotional purposes. While he signed them we talked and I told him my background in editing and plans to do freelance editing, mostly in fiction (although I am open to all genres). He was very impressed and asked for my info. I guess he gets a lot of requests from people to edit their stuff and he doesn't have time, so he's building a list of editors he can refer them to. I just happened to have a business card with me that I created when I graduated. I was very grateful for this because I was able to hand it to him, instead of the unprofessional alternative of writing my info on a scrap of paper. Overall, this was very exciting for me and I hope some freelance work comes from this opportunity.

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