Friday, May 22, 2009

Great Deals for Memorial Day

Okay, so I decided to actually do something for Memorial Day. Yes, I didn't decide this till like yesterday. That's how I roll.

So when we received the weekly ads for the local supermarkets, I started looking through them for good prices on Memorial Day type items like hot dogs, steak, watermelon, and ice cream. Mostly, I wanted to see if I could get a good deal on steak. I thought about going to a few different stores when I remembered that Walmart has price matching!! So instead of going to a few stores, I just brought the ads with me and went to Walmart.

Unfortunately, they didn't have any seedless watermelon (and I refuse to eat watermelon with seeds, unless it's free), so I couldn't get that. Then I found some top sirloin steak. Now at another store (Buy Low), it has top sirloin steak for only $1.88/lb. I was a little leery to get it because I worried about the quality. So at Walmart, I found a package of top sirloin steak. Then I got some Dreyer's ice cream for only $2.35, which was the price at Smith's. At Walmart that price was $3.98, so over $1.60 savings on each carton.

I didn't get anything else from ads, since those were the main items. Walmart generally has good prices, so I just went with what they had. I have to say, I had little butterflies in my stomach as I headed to the check stand. I'd never used ads to get lower prices before, and I didn't know how strict they would be on it. But it was way easy. I just showed her the ad and she changed the price. The steaks ended up being $3.70 rather than $11.91! So exciting.

I guess I just wanted to gloat, and to encourage you all to do the same if you shop at places that have the same policy of price matching. It's great!

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