Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Life Is Good

Things have been going pretty good lately. I still haven't been hired on permanently (what an oxymoron since it only means I'm not a temp, but doesn't really mean I have a permanent job), but anyway, that doesn't matter so much. I should find out within a month or two whether I will be. Either my boss will get approval and then I'll get hired, or he won't and I'll be let go (which just means I'll be in the market for more temp jobs). If this happens, I'll just keep in touch with the Documentation manager and possibly get some temp work from him until he has something more permanent in his department. I think it will work out either way. But overall, things are good. I hope it stays this way.

I have been so busy, though. I've been trying to do better at keeping up with housework and so if I'm not doing other things, I'm cleaning. On top of that I spend about 10 or more hours a week working on Leading Edge stuff. Also exercising, eating, sleeping, and watching a little TV here and there. I've hardly had time to think. Even work has been very busy with lots to do (which hasn't always been the case).

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