Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Anniversary Is in One Week!

Aaron and I have our 4th anniversary in a week. I'm so excited. I can't believe, in a way, that we've been married for a whole four years. It's gone by so fast. I'm excited to see what he'll get for me. I've given him some ideas to help him along. I got him a video game that he can play online called Guild Wars. He asked for it, so I know he wants it (I just hope he doesn't get into playing it for hours on end like many who play it do). I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday. As we do traditionally, we are having our picture taken. It's the only ones we really have of both of us together. It's hard to get pictures together when there is normally just two of you! So I'm having my hair cut so it's cute. I haven't had a cut in a year. I really hate having to go do it. I'm going to get a layered cut again, but this time, I'm leaving the length. It's now to about my shoulder blades. Nothing else to report.

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