Wednesday, April 5, 2006

My Husband Is So Sweet!

Yesterday, around 9:30 p.m., I was driving home from Leading Edge when I remembered that my favorite show, Gilmore Girls, had been new that night and I forgot to record it. When I realized this, I was really bummed. I really didn't want to wait till it came on again as a rerun. I was pretty much kicking myself for forgetting, but there had not been new episodes on for over a month and so I had forgotten. So I got home and walked upstairs to the office where my husband was doing homework. I asked him, "You didn't happen to record Gilmore Girls for me, did you?" His reply was, "Yes, I did. It's downstairs in the VCR." I couldn't believe it. I started squealing and jumping up and down. "You're the best," I told him. "Thank you." Then I ran downstairs and watched it. Before going to bed that night, I must've thanked him a hundred times along with an exclamation of "You're awesome!" I just couldn't believe that he was so thoughtful to think to notice it was new and to think to record it for me. It was so awesome. He is so thoughtful!

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