Thursday, May 4, 2006

Josh Is Engaged

I can't believe it, but my little cousin, Tim's brother incidentally, got engaged! I can't believe it. When I went to Tim's wedding he kept saying how he wanted to get his bachelor's degree first because he's planning on going on to graduate school and thought that'd be easier. Then at the sealing for Tim, the sealer said to Josh, not knowing he was his brother or anything, and said, "You're next." He thought it was pretty funny, but that's all and then a week later he gets engaged to a girl that he was apparently dating, but I don't think he told anyone. I know he didn't tell me. He said he's been on a few dates since being home, but mostly they were disasters. And with him working 70 hours/week, I didn't figure he had much time for a girlfriend. Then one week later he's engaged! Weird.

EDIT 10/2006: Well, I guess the wedding is off. I didn't find out till I asked why I hadn't gotten an invite. I don't know what happened, nor did I pry. Not my place, but I know his family wasn't really feeling a good vibe about the relationship, so it's probably a good thing it didn't happen.

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