Monday, May 1, 2006

Tim's Wedding

So my cousin Tim got married last Thursday. I know, who gets married on a Thursday? I heard they wanted a long weekend because they were going back to work on Monday. It was a beautiful day, other than the fact that it was extremely windy! When Tim's wife, Liesl, walked out of the temple, her veil flew off. It took forever to get it back on her head! But she was gorgeous! After the wedding I went with Tim's little brother Josh to get some food for a luncheon that turned into a dinner. It was suppose to be at 3 p.m., but I don't think we started until 4:30. Really, when the ceremony is at 1:45, it makes sense it would take that long to get back from Salt Lake to Highland and have everything ready. I helped clean-up afterwards, but I decided not to go to the reception. I was completely beat! Plus I hadn't seen my husband all day, who was unable to go because he had two finals that day.

So congratulations to Tim and Liesl!

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