Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dentist Appointment

So yesterday I went to the dentist. It was the first time in 2.5 years! I would have gone sooner, but when you have no insurance, $120 is quite a bit for a teeth cleaning (I know, I should have done it anyway). I'd gone when I was at BYU because you get discounts from certain dentists so it's only $53, rather than $120. But now that my insurance provides cleanings every 6 months at no cost, I really had no excuse.

Of course finding a dentist isn't the funnest because you never know if you'll be stuck with one who says you need work done that you don't need, or who isn't very nice. So I searched online for reviews and found a few—one in particular that sounded nice and the review said he doesn't do unnecessary work.

So I made an appointment a few weeks ago for Aaron and I. I was pretty worried about Aaron because he hasn't been to the dentist since before we were married (so over 5 years).

So we went in. Immediately I liked the dentist. He was really nice and made small talk with me (which was hard to respond once he started looking in my mouth). I was really surprised when I found out he was the one that was going to clean my teeth. He had an assistant who I had assumed was a dental hygienist who would do it. I've never had a dentist clean my teeth before. I figured they were just there to check for cavities and to do the hard stuff: fillings, etc. He mentioned that they have a hygienist come on Mondays and Wednesdays only. Hmm, funny.

After the cleaning was done, he showed me the x-rays they had taken at the beginning. When he said he wanted to go over the x-rays with me, I thought it was because something was wrong. But instead he just showed me what the x-rays showed, and how they look for cavities. He said that I was lucky and had strong teeth (not the first time I've heard that) and so didn't have any cavities. Then he gave me a toothbrush and floss and Aaron went in for his cleaning.

Aaron got a clean bill of teeth too, which was awesome. The dentist also fixed a small problem with Aaron's permanent retainer, which had been bothering Aaron for some time now. I thought that was really nice since he didn't charge for it.

So overall it was a great visit. Yay!

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