Monday, December 10, 2007

General update about weekend and snow

So I had an interesting, but mostly productive, weekend. On Saturday I had written a list of about 14 items I wanted to accomplish. I got about 5 done, but they were pretty big items. First I had a baby shower to go to, which was fun and gave me a chance to chat with other women. I hope when (if) I have a baby shower, it goes as well. Lots of people came and we had a lot of fun. One of the games, which I'd never done, is they take 10 baby diapers and melt a different candy bar in each; then we had to guess what candy bar it was. It caused much laughs, especially from moms who have seen diapers that looked exactly like them (though did not smell so nice). It was especially realistic because they gave it to us right after being melted, so the diapers were still warm.

Then I was all about going through things in my apartment and getting rid of them. I think this may have to do with my nesting urges, which I hear pregnant women have. I just have this, "I have too much stuff. As much as possible needs to go!" mentality lately. So I went through everything and got rid of as much as possible. This included our old vacuum, since we got new one recently, some old chairs we no longer need, and a whole lot of clothes and kitchen stuff. So I put them all out in the car ready to take to DI. Then when I was fairly sure I'd gotten the majority of things, I went to go to the car and found it had started to snow, but it wasn't too bad--it had just started to cover the roads and sidewalks. So I left and went to the vacuum store. I needed to get a new belt for it so it would work for the new owners (and since a new one is only $2, I figure why not).

By the time I left the vacuum store, the snow was really coming down and there was already 2-3 inches on the ground, but I was determined to go to DI, which was only like 3 miles down the road, so I went on.

Everyone on the road was going really slow, which I appreciated (except the occasional SUV that would go zipping by at the normal speed. What makes SUV drivers think they can drive like that? Even if they have 4-wheel drive, with everyone else going slow, it's unsafe. Plus there is a reason so many SUVs get in accidents in this weather. SUV drivers are generally over-confident). So after about 30 min or more to go 3 miles, I finally got to DI and dropped off the stuff. The back of the drop-off point has a road that you can follow to get backto the main road. Usually this is a great way to go because you can turn left onto the busy road at a light, but today, the hill you go up to get to the main road was very slippery. I almost turned right to avoid it, and hope I could figure out a way to get back, but the light turned green so I went on. Now, I have a little '89 Corolla--not exactly the car to be driving in snow. As I went up the hill, I was turning my wheel to right and left trying to keep from going off to the side or hitting oncoming traffic. Unlike drivers in front of me who stayed in the center where it was the most slippery, I tried to drive more torwards the middle where there was snow. This helped me to gain traction so I could make it up the hill, though slowly. I seriously thought I was going to get in an accident, but luckily did not.

Finally, I made it back to the main road and home. Boy was I glad to be back and off the road and I vowed to not go on the road any more that day. I also felt very relieved to get those things out of my house and to have more room. Yay! So overall a good productive day.

This morning I had another prenatal appt. Everything seems to be going well and the baby had a good heartbeat. I haven't gained any weight since the last appt 4 weeks ago, which is good since I (in my opinion) had gained too much before the last appt. That puts my total gain around 18 lbs. Hopefully I won't gain too much in this last trimester *crosses fingers*. I had to do the glucose test today. I was really worried about this because I heard the thing you drink is gross. For some reason, I pictured drinking pink, syrupy sludge, but luckily it was basically orange soda, which didn't really taste too bad, so I just downed it. After not eating since last night, I was ready for it. I then found out I had to wait an hour after for them to take a blood sample. I didn't realize that or I would've asked to drink it when I checked in. Oh, well. When I went to have my blood drawn, it was done by someone who was inexperienced. This is why I'm afraid of donating blood. It hurt quite a bit (and is still sore) and I guess it took longer to have the blood come out since I was fasting (you can't eat for at least two hours before the glucose test, but I had chosen not to eat at all since before going to bed the night before). So not fun. I'm glad it's all over, though.

Still to do: Clean up living room and make room for Christmas tree. Set up Christmas tree and decorate. Put up other Christmas decorations. Can you believe that I haven't put up decorations yet? Christmas is in two weeks!

What makes me happy: I only have two weeks of work before I have a week and a half off. Yay! What also makes me happy: I made Josh Groban's new Noel album into ringtones on my phone.

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