Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Boppy Pillows

I thought of another product I've really liked, and that's my Boppy pillow. I have found so many uses for it. You can have it when you're holding the baby so your arms don't get tired. If you have older children, it can be used to help them hold the baby. You can also use it to place baby on, whether on the floor or a bed, so he's propped up, and it can be used for tummy time. And of course you can use it while nursing.

So overall I think it's a great product whether you're nursing or not. I see so many listings for Boppy pillows on Craig's list and I find it funny when they say something like, "I ended up not being able to nurse, so this is almost new." I don't know if they really didn't see the other many uses of it, or if they're saying that so it will seem that their pillow is worth more because it was "barely used."

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