Friday, August 26, 2005

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So Aaron started back at school on Wednesday. This is his third semester at UVSC. He's taking four computer science classes, so it may be a tough semester, but at least they are classes he is interested in. What was kind of funny was he was planning on using the extra pell grant money to buy a 1 GB flash drive to use at school, but when he went to one of his classes for the first time, the teacher told them they would be required to have an external hard drive for class that had at least 80 GB (he ended up getting one that is 120 GB because it was only $90 after rebates). So he figures he doesn't need the flash drive anymore--he can just use the hard drive! So funny. (And it was only $20 more for the hard drive, but of course way bulkier.)

While I was at BYU I signed up to be on an email list for editing minors. The secretary for the department (who just happens to be my old boss), sends out notices every once in a while with job offers. They can be really random sometimes, not just editing. Recently she sent out an email asking for English speakers to do voice-over work. I figured what the hey, so I recorded my voice with the microphone on my headphones and emailed the recording to the company (isn't modern technology wonderful?). I got an email a couple days later saying that they were going to have the customer hear the recording and if I was selected, they would let me know. This was pretty exciting to me. They had mentioned in the job ad that they would be screening the recordings for the customer and only the best would go on, so it must mean they liked my voice. I haven't heard back since, but I have good hopes (it's only been three days). If I am selected it pays $15/hr. Granted it is only 1 to 5 hours of work, but hey, it could lead to more work in the future. Yeah!

There is not much news other than that. My work still hasn't hired me. It will be six months on Sept. 7. I was really hoping to be hired by now. If I don't hear anything from my boss soon, I'm going to ask him about it. I think it's funny that I've only been there six months and yet I have already switched who my boss is. They hardly even bothered to tell me till like four weeks after they had switched me. Oh well. I like working for the second boss cause not only is he really cool, but he is higher up on the chain of command and so I'm hoping he'll have more pull in getting me hired. One can only hope!

PS We paid back our loan. We are officially free of any student loan debt. At this moment our only debt is on our credit card and is less than $40 (which at the moment has 0% APR cause it's still in the intro period). Yeah us!

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