Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Church Singing

So again I don't have much to report. On Sunday I again did the Singing Time for Church. I always get really nervous before Singing Time cause I worry about whether the kids will participate and whether they'll have fun. On this day, I decided to play hot and cold with them (they sing loudly when the child searching is near the hidden item and softly when they are far away). The children participated well and they had fun. I think it went well. Afterward, I was in the hallway when one of the girls passed by me with her family and said to me, "I like your singing." I am not sure if she meant my singing in particular or just Singing time, but it was awfully cute and I told her thank you. Later when my hometeacher came to teach us, I asked him if his children had said anything about Singing Time at all (whether they liked it, etc.) and he said that they hadn't, but his niece, who has been visiting them all this month, has been singing the songs around the house. He also said their family doesn't go to church, so this is her first time learning these songs. That made me happy. Yeah.

This I still get nervous before Singing Time though. It is pretty nerve wracking for me. I am just glad that the new Nursery leader is a music person and so she is going to do singing with them so I don't have to. That really helps!

Aaron's family is going to be here soon (I think within the next week!). Yeah.

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