Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Husband's Family Visits

Last week my husband's family visited. I should clarify because he has so many families (his mother and step-father, his father and step-mother, his sister and her family, etc.). It was his father and step-mother who came with their three teenagers. Unfortunately, I was asked to attend training for four days at work, for 9 hours each day. I was able to get out of some of it to spend time with them, but normally I could have taken off as much as I wanted, so I was disappointed. It was fun to see them. Their oldest, Ashley, is planning on attending BYU next year after she graduates high school and so I showed her and her family around campus so she could get an idea of what BYU offers to students. She said that she knew that BYU was a good school academically, but she didn't realize how much they provide for the student including tons of computers, music practice rooms (she loves playing the piano), and a huge library. I also showed her the dorms so she could decide which one she wanted to live in. I was pushing for her to stay at Helaman Halls cause they are much nicer than Deseret Towers and would be more comfortably. Shy, humble Ashley just said to her mom, "I'll be happy to stay in either," since her parents are paying and she doesn't want to seem greedy.

Aaron and I can't wait until Ashley is able to come here for school. We really want to be near family and I am excited to mentor her through her college years (if she'll let me). The other two teenagers, Tim and Crystal, are also hoping to attend BYU when they graduate. This is great news for us and make us very excited. Free babysitters!

I guess this is a month of family visits cause Aaron's sister, Andrea, is also hoping to visit us this week. Her husband works for an airlines and so they can fly free, but only on standby. Yesterday Andrea tried to get a flight here and even though they expected 20 seats open, they had 75 people waiting to get on through standby. I am thinking it is those who decided to Education Week at the last minute. She is going to try again tomorrow, if there are projected spots, but we'll have to see. We're hoping it works out because we would like to see her and our two adorable nieces. So cute! Here's hoping.

To add to this, Aaron's step-father wants to bring us a dresser of theirs that they don't want any more and we could use and he is planning on coming Labor Day weekend, if he can get off work for it. I hope that works out cause I really want it and I think it would be great. Hopefully that works out.

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