Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Possible Job Opportunity

So as I've said, I'm just a temp at the company I work at (and have been for over 9 months) and even though I am really grateful to work here, and they pay decently (especially for the area), and they treat me as if I'm a real employee, I'd really like to get hired on and not be a "contractor" anymore. One reason is I figure that even though I get paid all right, I still deserve more and if I were hired on I would most likely get paid more. And the second (and biggest reason) is that if I were hired on, I would have all the benefits, including paid time off (3 weeks' worth), holiday pay (10 days total), and health insurance (which I have now, but theirs is better and cheaper, $70/mo for the whole family), as well as vision and dentist insurance. I've been hoping that I would be hired on and they said they were planning to eventually. Then two days ago the company posted a job for an "Editor." How perfect! It's in another department, documentation, and I totally qualify (without over-qualifying) and since I already work here, I'm familiar with the company and the products, and I even know some of the people who work in documentation. So I put in my application yesterday.

Now I just have to wait and see what happens. I figure if I don't get the job, it will be because one of the interns that is already working there has applied and they are planning on hiring him or her and only posted it so it would be more legal (I'm not sure if it's illegal to hire someone without publicly announcing a job, but it might be). So if I get it, and it is a full-time position with benefits, I could finally get what I want. Yea!

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