Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Sold the Car

Well, after 2.5 weeks of trying to find a buyer for our old Honda Civic (1984), we finally found someone. As two people predicted, it was someone who only spoke a little English, but whose native language was Spanish and who paid in cash. I guess those Spanish classes I took at BYU paid off because with that and his combined English skills, I was able to communicate with him for the most part.

We ended up selling for $400 because I didn't want to deal with paying for insurance while we tried to get our asking price. It was getting old making appts with people to come look at the car and then go out into the cold weather (sometimes in the single digits) and talk to them about it, explaining everything wrong with it. (Even though most of these problems were cosmetic--as in they didn't deal with how well the engine ran--it still made the car sound bad. One of the hinges of the hood was rusted through, there was no stereo, the driver door is a different color, there is no air conditioning--a big deal in Utah, and the heater doesn't work great, also a big deal in Utah.) So it was just really good to get it done with. We were also smart and made sure we got the license plates from them before we gave it to them so we don't have to worry about getting blamed for them doing something illegal while driving our car. I wish we could sign the plates over to them, though, since they will now have to get the emissions tested and have a safety inspection done (which will cost them $40 to do). I'm really glad it's gone. Only one car, but it's cheaper this way :).

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