Friday, August 18, 2006

How I Love My Car!

So I have had an adventure with my car for the past 2+ months. [sarcasm]It was so much fun![/sarcasm]. A couple months ago it was having issues with overheating and so we tried to get help from friends who could tell us what was wrong. We were pretty sure it wasn't the radiator since there was no water leaking from it. We found a hose that had a hole and so replaced it, as well as the thermostat, but neither fixed the problem. It got bad enough that we couldn't drive it at all. We were lucky enough to have a friend that had a car we could borrow.

Then we took the car to a mechanic. They tightened some clamps and supposedly fixed the overheating problem (cost us $80 to tighten clamps, but figuring it was fixed and it could have been more costly, I was pretty happy). Then on the way home, it dies. Apparently there is something wrong with the carburetor. Great, so back to the shop. They try to figure out what was causing the problem, but never really figured it out. They decide to rebuild the carburetor (which was just done last November), costing us $550+, and think they've fixed it. It works great for 36 hours and then dies, again. This time they say that when they rebuilt the carburetor, they didn't set something right. They didn't charge us for that, though, since it was their fault. That I appreciated since they were really causing us inconvenience. Well, we picked it up last night and so far so good, but I don't think I'll really have confidence that this car is fixed until I've driven it a few weeks with no problems.

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