Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Name in Print

I am excited because there is a new novel out, Mistborn: The Final Empire, that has my name in the acknowledgements. That's right--my name in print! An author who went to college with me, Brandon Sanderson, was looking for readers to help develop this novel and get it ready for publication by Tor, the leading sci-fi/fantasy publisher in the United States. I offered my services. It's the most awesome way I've found to get to read a book before it's published! In fact, this novel is the first of a trilogy, and I've already read all three. (Granted, it was in its first stages and so it may be very different once it's published, but I know all the major events of what is going to happen. And no, I'm not telling! I don't think Brandon would let me read more if I did :).

So anyway, if you're in a bookstore, look for Mistborn. Open it up to the acknowledgements page and I'll be there. It's an awesome book and very original. Check it out!

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