Tuesday, November 14, 2006

End of Cell Phone Woes

So finally my cell phone frustrations (i.e. not having one) have ending. This is in response to my previous cell phone rant in August. As of today, my cell phone will be arriving at my house. My husband's phone arrived last Friday, but I guess since my phone model is really popular, it's taking a little longer. I was able to get two free Razr V3 phones (one dark grey, one magenta) with $50 rebate on each (so $100 back total). We went with T-Mobile since they had the best deal on the phones, a pretty good plan (700 shared minutes with free nights and weekends for $59.99), and people I know in the area who have them have been pleased generally with the service. So that's exciting. For those wondering what my phone number is on the phone, I'm in the middle of transfering our home phone number to it, so that I won't have to worry about making sure everyone knows the new number, and since we're going to get rid of our home phone and just use cell phones, this will make it easier. So, anyway, very exciting news (for me anyway).

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