Saturday, December 6, 2008

Six teeth!!!

So I was checking Alex's mouth to see how close his two front teeth are to coming in, and I discovered that he has four more coming in (two on either side of his two front teeth). I didn't know they came in so quickly like that!! And as far as I can tell, there still are no bottom teeth in sight. Weird.

EDIT: I just wanted to edit this and say he now has two top teeth in and two bottom teeth. It turns out the bottom ones are harder to see coming in. I found them when Alex bit down on my finger and I felt them. The other 4 teeth on top haven't cut through the gums yet so I guess he doesn't officially have those teeth yet. 

Also, when Alex had his 9 month checkup, we found out he's over 21 lbs (thought so!) and 29 inches tall. He just grows and grows.

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